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Last week we were hit with an overnight deluge and a flood. The whole neighborhood was swamped. Later that day, it began to recede leaving a film of brown grime as a reminder of everything that washed away and through. In the middle of the muck, the first patches of snowdrops sprouted in clusters here and there. Bravely, brightly. Again.

They are the flower of Hope and Consolation.

The extraordinary tragedy unfolding in Japan continues to be so heartbreaking, so dark. And yet, the survivors are truly inspiring in the way that they peacefully and purposefully do what they can to cope with such monumental loss and suffering. Tonight's news showed families joining together to melt snow for water, shaping chopsticks from foraged bamboo, children tending the needs of the aged in shelters.

Within the sadness and terror, uncovering tiny blades of hope. Bravely, brightly. Again.


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