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o, gosh, more bunnies after all



I spoke too soon when I said there wasn't any more time for bunnies. That first one was so fun to make and play with after. (Seems there's always time for bunnies!) When it sold out, I reworked the design to make room for two bunnies, Peach and Ginger, and their two spring baskets. Finishing up, I had the idea to add a basketful of words that could just be snipped and stitched onto the plaques. Cute, no?

Over the weekend I'll get to work on stitching up the samples, but they will look a lot like their sweet bunny cousin.

This stitchable set comes with three wool felts, white for bunnies, pink for one basket and blue for another.

If you purchased the first bunny kit and are wanting this one too, convo me on Etsy. We'll work something out. xoxo

searching for spring

our village at sunset