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valentines :: four



When I was out in California, Pam and I spent a fun, fun Saturday with our friends Syd and Mary. We did what we do best- head off to some morning tag sales. Between the four of us we had all these creative ideas in the air and one of them was to make stitched valentines. Pam found a bunch of children's clothing in the palette we wanted. That's a great shortcut to remember for future projects. Just a few dollars instead of many. Can you see the little plaid skirt there, the tiny sprigged blouse and a little homespun shirt? (The beautiful toile is from Kaari the next day.) We didn't get to the valentines because we painted day to night instead, but Pam divvied up the fabrics later.

At home I tore apart a CA thrifted drapery panel to wash it, and there was a dry cleaning tab stapled inside. Pink and white. Hmm.

When I looked at it closely, it's from East Buffalo Dry Cleaning, 1126 Lovejoy Street. Meant to be in the valentines! Isn't it funny how things come together so randomly but with such great purpose!

Better make something with it. After all, I dragged it all the way back across the country.

{Also- for those waiting, the Love-ly samplers are back in the shop. Out in the mail tomorrow.} 

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