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valentines :: one



Well, sure enough, I didn't get out as planned. The snow rose up over the banks big time. At least we weren't on the highway in the midst of the blizzard trying to reach an airport that was closing and then end up stuck in the snow. It was bad out there! The stress of it all really gets to me though. I feel as though I walked to New Jersey. In the deep snow. 

I banked some valentines posts for you and might as well start sharing them. This is a little heart I made way back when. Still love the simple sweetness. I called them Linzer Hearts because they made me think of cookies. Snippets of a felted sweater, a piece of reclaimed skirt lining, ribbon and a button. Sew through all layers and add a pinback.

Visit Kate for a cute valentine idea I just stumbled on. Love her cleverness and what she did to repurpose that pretty calendar. 

Okay, off to shovel a bit more. Wish me luck getting out of here. At some point, it just might go my way. 

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lord willing and the snow don't rise