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It's the time of year when children are talking about their Halloween costumes. Lots of big dreams taking place. What to dress up as, what to be this year. My post about Mo as a firefighter gets a lot of google hits always, but especially around now, winnowed down from the search for "firefighter girl." A few days ago I opened my email to find this.

I know it's an old post but I had to e-mail you and thank you for writing this! I'm about to be twenty and I just went through the fire II academy earlier this year and am a volunteer at my town's department, so this really hit home for me. Both my grandfathers were/are firefighters and I always had an itch to follow in their footsteps. No one really thought I could get through that academy :) It was such a great feeling to prove them all wrong and see their pride in me once I graduated. Your daughter sounds so much like me, I'm small and have mostly guy friends but I love getting my nails done, among other 'girly' things. I had to let you know how much I appreciated your writing!! I came across it while googling firefighter girls, haha! This gave me so much more confidence in myself and in women in general. I wish I could send every little girl this post and show them that nothing is out of their reach :D Thank you!

~FF Kaitlin Olvera

Wow! Congratulations, Kaitlin! Add my family to the list of those who are proud of you and what you've accomplished. 

And to all the girls hanging tight to big dreams. She's absolutely right, nothing's out of reach. Just have to go for it!

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