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Just joined the Silver Bella online community group for this year's event, my fourth year teaching there. Scrolling through the profiles and photos, I got so excited about going back! Seeing all those familiar faces and old friends returning makes it feel like a big ole' reunion. 

But I want to say too that this is a welcoming group. Some of you are coming for the first time. Some of you are still thinking about signing up. Rest assured that these gals know how to reach out and pull you in, wrap their crafty arms and hearts around you and see you through a great adventure of learning and sharing. Don't have the right tool? The girl next to you does and she'll be happy to share it. Forgot to get coffee before class? Your tablemate will run and grab one for you too. Can't find happy hour? Follow me.

The first year I went was the first time I had ever done such a thing. Although I had spoken to women's groups and taught many classes, I had never gone off to an event workshop. A little worried about teaching four classes, but more anxious about filling the spaces between with something other than a good book. From the get-go, I felt like I belonged there. So many excited, smiling faces. So much creative energy and enthusiasm for work and play. Among the students and teachers, I found women who inspire me still and more importantly, sweet friends for life.



These are my classes this year. Two projects that I love and can't wait to share. I'm making kits and gathering from my stash. I'm thinking about all the little things that add up to a successful class. The biggest part of that success will be the fantabulous Silver Bella students.

If you were thinking about coming, please do! Can't wait to meet you, see old friends and be in the middle of all that fun love again. 

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