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stitch book all stitched up


Such a gorgeous weekend. September is a favorite month here. Birthdays galore and that extra something that adds get-up-and-go to each day. Must be the feeling of a new school year. I think that always stays with us. As town life settles back to the normal routine, I'm looking forward to the sounds of the neighborhood kids scrambling for the bus. Grateful that I'm not running with coffee behind those bouncing backpacks, but always so nostalgic for those days when my own were little.


Anyway, here is the finished Stitch Book. It's darn cute, it is, it is! Happy to say that it is available now as a 5 page, illustrated PDF in my Etsy shop. The step-by-step instructions and pattern show you how to make a little fabric-covered book, personalized with embroidery and filled with fabric or paper pages. I included a hand drawn alphabet so you can change the lettering to spell something else, if you wish. Maybe your name or a friend's. Get started tonight and take it to the bus stop, carpool lane or office tomorrow!



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