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reading at the river


Maggie and Mo take Grammy out to lunch every Saturday. Sometimes I tag along, but they have a different kind of fun when I don't. 

For a few hours, in between other weekend to-do's, my friend, Lynne met me at the river. She handed me a good book (see edit below), a comfy chair and an August afternoon escape. 



Lest you think I'm always at the river, hardly ever in the studio, I'll be back soon with something to share. 

edit: This looks like a recommendation to read this book. For that first afternoon, I enjoyed the opening chapters, but by the middle, then the end of it today, I was so disappointed. And it wasn't even the depressing message. It was the insulting absurdity of the plot and the poorly rendered characters themselves. Enticing cover though. The designer did a great job on that.

progress, of sorts

summer fridays :: camera play