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summer fridays :: camera play





Thanks for the kind notes about Maggie and James. We had a little celebration with them the other night, all family and friends getting together to toast their happiness. Lots of love.

Hard to believe that here we are at the last summer Friday of August. And wouldn't you know it, the weather finally feels like the gentle summer we wished for through all those scorching hot or stormy days. 

Our sleepy town is really quiet in August. Folks are vacationing away until school calls them back to town. Kids are filling long days with inventive play. Workday lunch breaks linger. Afternoon sunlight combines perfectly with the cooler air. Good time for a few laps at the park and then one more with the camera. After uploading, I tinkered with a few in Photoshop. (Click on the image for the name of the editing effect.) 

It's a wonderful time of year. September seems like the beginning of so much!

Edit: As I was finishing this up, Mo called to say she was on a fire call at the Irvington train station for a suspicious package on the tracks (directly adjacent to the park). Train service to and from Manhattan has been suspended and the bomb squad was dispatched to blow it up. Because traffic through town was diverted, a truck got stuck in the little one-way tunnel exiting town on the only other road. It's all resolved now, but our sleepy little Mayberry had a very exciting morning! Everyone back to work. August resumes.

Edit #2: If you go to the local news link above, be sure to read the reader comments. Awesome! 

reading at the river