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quick study


Recently we hosted a young friend from Moscow. While she was here with us, Svetlana asked about my embroidery projects and wondered if I could show her how to stitch. So I set up a small hoop for her. 

In a few moments, she drew a design on the fabric with my vanishing marker and then asked me to show her a stitch. We started with the back stitch.


And then a few more. French knots were her favorite.


In a day-to-night spell of nearly non-stop stitching, she was finished and glowing with happiness. This is the church across the square from her apartment. Her mother loves lilacs. 


Gifted, no? And isn't the design so charming?  

Before she went home, I took her shopping and loaded her up with as much sewing stuff as we could manage. Apparently, they don't have a Michael's (or anything like it) in Moscow. As a teacher, there's nothing better than seeing a flicker of interest grow so quickly into a passion. It was an honor and an inspiration to share that with Svetlana.

Wish I could see her next project. She's headed off on a 3 day trainride to the Black Sea!

Enthusiasm is a divine possession. ~ Margaret Sangster


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