Welcome to the creative home of artist and maker Charlotte Lyons.

Earlier this spring when I started making these bags, I made a practice one for me. I have loved it every day since. But after living with it in that day-to-day way, I found I STILL couldn't quickly get my hands on my glasses or my phone. 

So, although I started this one for my shop the other day, it is going to work here and now. For me.


It's just the right size, with pockets inside and out that fit each of my things. And it gave me a good spot to use this embroidered bit I did at the beach. Still loving my bird design, this time stitched in black. 


Another one (for the shop) using the original turtle sampler

I started calling them the Mad Men bags because the vintage pieces remind me so much of my Mom and Dad and that era - when they used words like dapper and snazzy to describe their outfits. Some even include a few of Mom's old dressmaker fabrics. She insisted I stay with the striped straps on all the bags because that's what makes make them look "jazzy."

Bob and Charlotte and me in 1955. 

Making a few more totes for the season, though I am reminded that they take a little longer than I thought. 

Sew happy!

quick study

a herd of turtle samplers