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I am kind of in love with my little birdie spools for the redbird bag kits. They are so cute, flitting around the studio stacks. Even though they don't have wings, they're flying away to the post office and beyond. Looking at my Etsy orders, there are often familiar names I only know through blogging or ordering. Thanks so much for coming back, my friends. I really do appreciate that. It's reassuring to know you like these kits.

Maggie and Mo both have Summer Fridays today. Mo has a half day and Maggie has the whole day off. What a nice way to start a weekend. I thought we could do that with blogging too. Share something day-off-ish. 

For me, that could be cooking. 

Time for Gazpacho.


image and recipe from NY Times

Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onion, garlic. My mother made this all the time when we were growing up. Along the way, I started to serve it with a generous garnish of canteloupe. Not sure where I originally got that idea, but honestly, it's very good. 

Happy weekend. Stay cool, drink lots and eat well. 

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