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save a turtle stitch sampler

Home again. We had a wonderful vacation together and I'm so glad you enjoyed the postcards. Feels good to be back.

I did a lot of stitching, sketching and thinking at the beach. Keeping myself busy under the umbrella with projects, reading the paper every day, the BP tragedy and the NY Times' extensive coverage, the mostly untouched beach way up here. Thinking about the sea creatures suffering so terribly- in the Gulf and elsewhere. 

And I missed working on Rebecca's fabulous sampler. 

All that combined into this little guy one day (and a few other designs too). Stitching his turtle shell full of different colors and patterns was so much fun. This stitch here, that stitch there. Changing colors. Imagining.

Now that I'm home, I got back to my studio and put it all together- pattern, stitch guides, photos and instructions- to share with you. I will be posting the design as a 3 page PDF in my Etsy shop today. 50% of the proceeds will go to the Sea Turtle Conservancy, an organization working very hard right now to save the turtles in distress. 

Kind of a nice way to help out and enjoy embroidering creatively. Perfect vacation or car project. Set the kids up with their own hoops, pass the threads around and stitch a family of turtles! Whenever we went on car trips as a family, after all the fits and starts, my mom would happily announce, "And we're off! Like a herd of turtles!" 


If only it were this easy to make real turtles. 

notes and plans

postcard from the beach :: 13