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stitching for sport


We're glued to the FIFA and Wimbledon matches on these hot days. Mo doesn't start her new "big girl" job (yay!!) for a few weeks, so I've got her to myself for a bit. She was an amazing soccer player so it's fun to watch with her. (Um, a Yellow card does this...but a Red card does that? And offsides is ....?) Me, I need something else to justify daylight hours on the couch. 

At Squam, I met Rebecca Ringquist and bought this silk screened sampler panel from her at the Art Fair. So fantastic and such a sweet pleasure to work on. I bought one for Pam too and Jenny also took one home. We told Rebecca we'd blog our progress. (Note- here is the link for the sampler on her Etsy. ** And here's a link for Amy's darling stitch-along kit.)

Made lots of progress during yesterday's phenomenal USA/Algeria game. 


Look- there is even a stitch called Couching! Well, how perfect!

But the filled running stitch was probably my favorite on this (also called the threaded running stitch). In 2 colors. Thinking I will love the Spider Stitch too (see Pam's).


I have this little stitch guide book that I keep in the basket. For years now, it's been such a great resource. I like learning complicated new stitches from these quirky little vintage guides.

And there is my secret stitch, the Wheat (Sheaf) Stitch- which is what I have always called it from some older, long lost guide I used in the 70's. Might add some of those in with my real-for-real favorite, more feather stitching. 

Check in with Pam, Jenny (on vacation right now) and me to see how it goes. Have to be careful not to stitch it up too fast- I don't want to be done with it. More games to come. And then vacation too.

Oh, yeah. Lots of time for Couching. 


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