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Occasionally I receive a bundle of fabrics passed on from another collector destashing. It started when I was rug hooking and continues now that I use old fragile textiles and lace. After the last post, I couldn't wait to share this story of great kindness. All waiting for me when I came home from Squam, just as promised in an earlier email (reprinted here with permission) from our friend, Barbara.



Dear Charlotte,

         I’m slowly putting together goodies for you.  You must feel free to dispose of anything you can’t use or do not want. I’ve just completed my vintage box and I thought I’d tell you where I got many of them. Harriet was a friend of someone I volunteered with at the Historical Society.  When her family decided she should be moved to a care facility she gave the best to T.H.S.  The ribbons, lace, feathers, etc. are the backbone of the decorations we use in the clothing exhibits. I sorted and stored the material and that pleased her.  She gave me feathers, etc. that I use in my costuming.            

         After her estate sale there were boxes of unwanted material.  She was upset that no one bought the things.  I told her estate sale manager that I would distribute the yarn, fabric, pencils, etc. to the Girl Scouts, nursery schools, and my daughter’s guild members.  Harriet was delighted that her treasures would be used.  When I came to collect the leftovers, she gave me a box of her favorite holdings.  It contained parts of clothing she had removed from her family over time.  The family is very well to do, but also very frugal.  Over time I’ve used things and hope you can use more in your work.  I feel her spirit telling me to pass things on. 


Take care,




I'm so honored to receive this extraordinary collection and feel a special duty to respect and cherish each piece. Every bit is an inspiration in itself. Not very good at translating these antique monograms, but will always see a C and an L there, the only monogrammed piece in the box. 

Thank you so very much, Barbara, and of course, Harriet, too! I'd like to think that Harriet would be happy to see my gratitude, so full of delight and awe.

happy father's day!

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