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After being so infatuated and delighted with the experience at Squam, it was good to come home and just look around again. That's the view downriver from our little town on the Hudson. The NY skyline is there (click to zoom) and that's my husband, Andy's building project on the left, the reason we came here. Also the site for the wedding.

The other night I was buzzing with the SAW story, rattling on about a mile a minute, my weary and hungry family doing their best to listen attentively. "You had to be there" listening. We were standing at the river watching the approach of this magnificent tug and its barge.


It came up pretty fast.   



Soon I couldn't get it all in one frame.

The tug.

The barge.

Much more interesting when together. Kind of odd alone. 

Home and Away. So nice to have both. Especially at sunset.


spring stitching

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