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travel unravel


I was intrigued by these three women skittering off from shore the other night at Squam Lake. We were busy inside the dining hall setting up for vending night, but wherever you are there, the outdoor scene always calls. (Click on the image to enlarge for the full effect.) They look like those cool water bugs that walk on the surface. 

Continuing the endless travel unravel here (what naturally follows the prep and schlepp). It's pretty bad this time. I was in making mode when I left, and since I was driving, took the sewing machine and iron+board for class, several baskets of things to share. The business of sorting and putting it away is not nearly as much fun as pulling it down from the shelves to begin. I'll get all inspired again and want to start sewing. Happily, I'm in a creative new groove lately. You know, one thing leads to another.

As I go, I plan to post some new things to my Etsy shop - probably tomorrow. 

All of this reminds me of the sweet story behind the title of a favorite book, Bird by Bird.

The book giveaway goes to Doreen thanks to the random number generator. Fine way to break in your new glasses! Thanks to all who offered their book suggestions. Nice list there.



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