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We spent a ton of time going over those touching comments about crafting memories. I loved so many of them and leaned hard on the family to help me decide. The thing of it is, every one of them represents a way of seeing, a moment that cinched an indelible memory. Crafting with a friend, a child, a parent or grandparent - or alone. Memories of faraway places and times, life-changing realizations of the power of handmade, funny craft disasters, layers of bittersweet emotion and personal stories that tug forever. And the writing was beautiful. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this!

There were a number of winning favorites. When we couldn't decide - because like each unique comment, our own experiences sent us in different directions - the top choices landed in a basket. Back to the random pick, after all. The winner of the autographed MEHC Workshops program is Julie B. for the story of the handmade, shared needlepoint pillow.

Julie b

As I finished unpacking my teaching trunk, I rediscovered this lovely boxed coffee mug and will send it to Zita for this comment chosen second in the drawing.


Again, thanks so much for sending me your cherished memories. I'll be back here reading them again and again for quite sometime. xoC


the graduate

crafting still