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home companion workshops :: two


Are you on overload yet? I see there are lots of blog posts all around blogland. It was pretty much a home run for Barbara and Mary- and all of us who got to have a part in that. My apologies for rushing through. Truth is, I've got to get packed again and head off to Indiana now for Mo's graduation from IU. Yay! Mo is graduating and coming back to NY! And Andy and I are finished with college tuitions! Yay!

So- this is the second class which was the Folding Travel Tray. Once again, the students outdid themselves. It was a perfect choice for Day 2 when lots of us are managing our art hang-overs. Crafting is hard work! But this one is an easy, peaceful project that can be personalized and enjoyed while visiting at the table. Again, my great, heartfelt thanks to Anna Griffin. Her gorgeous papers and embellishments made the project so elegant and pretty.

Here are just a few of the trays. The classes were both full to overflowing and most got away before I got the camera out.

Tray2  Traya1

Wrapping up, in just a few words: I had a blast! Being home in STL, in my old neighborhood (my old house around the corner), old friends, good work, new friends, creative energy and inspired art. The panel at lunch with Amy Butler, Marcia Ceppos, Dena Fishbein and Mary blew everyone away. You could have heard a fork drop as we held our breath listening intently to these 4 women talk as if in a living room. It made me think about all that's ahead and what I can do still. Plenty.

And you need to know that too. There's always more. Stay tuned.... another giveaway or two coming here.

Oh, and check the how-to project links up on the right sidebar. Updated those for some cute Mother's Day gift projects. Make it crafty. xoC   

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