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Nature is the common, universal language, understood by all.

- Kathleen Raine


Quite awhile ago I found this book somewhere at a church sale or thrift. When I opened it, a kind of diary tumbled out. Clippings and hand-written verses are pasted into the pages beside poems Gladys checked as her favorites.


She must have kept this close to her. Perhaps in her camping or trail gear, or just there on the porch table of a lake cabin upstate. The little glassine envelope holds a series of clips about the war mixed in with nature.


Did she write this one? Or another beneath it in a different hand? The whole collection Gladys enclosed so carefully here makes me think about the way we used to enjoy the outdoors. As a kid I spent so much more time outside. Trailing through the woods, finding a clear spot in a meadow, a stump to sit on near a lake, sleeping outside under the stars.

We had lots of wonderful town activities today for Earth Day. Recycling seminars, crafts workshops, a flower show, tours of green buildings. 

I wonder what Gladys would think about it all. Maybe she would have led a workshop on wildflowers, birdsong or animal tracks. Or hiked up the ridge to the Hermit's Grave. The dogwoods are just beginning to bloom.