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After the last big storm here, my friend Suzanne spied this broken magnolia branch on her running trail and carted it home. Luckily for her friends (but not the poor tree), it was big enough to share. Placed in a vase of warm water, mine is just beginning to open. I have to remember to stop and look at it every day, take in the lovely changes and think about the miracles of spring. I'm excited to see that it's the same color as the one we used to have in St. Louis. Which brings me to these bits of news.

  • I'm heading back there to my old neighborhood in a little less than a month for the Home Companion Workshops. (This famous candy maker - Lauren Bacall and Lyons family's favorite! - is located next door to the event hotel.) I think there are still some spaces available at the event.
  • In June I'm also thrilled to be teaching at Squam Art Workshops in New Hampshire. I'll be posting more about my class prep for that event very soon.
  • When I'm in St. Louis, I'll get the chance to finally meet Matthew Mead. He has just released a beautiful, richly styled and photographed magazine called Flea Market Style and is on his way to another issue called Matthew Mead Holiday. He welcomes your visits to his blog where you can pre-order your copy and also enter a contest to have your blog included in the pages of his new venture.
  • And last, but not least, Silver Bella 2010 is gearing up. The teachers were just announced and our workshop descriptions will be going up soon. From the looks of it, this promises to be another fabulous year in Omaha!



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