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flashback {two}


I was flipping through a fashion magazine the other day and loving the images from Fashion Week. Someone was showing a coat that was oversized and looked like it was made from a blanket. It's a timeless style that has been around a few times before. 

I made one ..... when I was pregnant with Mo. 1986.


I used a thrifted blanket that had a fabulous rose pink band woven into it at the top and bottom. The colors together were so pretty. Can't even remember if it had a hole or damaged spot. I cut it up though.

Used some left-over yarn and a big darning needle to pinch-pleat the top. I didn't have a pattern so just fumbled around until I had the shape and drape I wanted. Picture an unbelted bathrobe made out of a blanket. 


The best part was the buttons. (Remember, Mary?) I had a bunch of big, bright white covered buttons. Just the right number and size but not the color I wanted. So I took out my permanent markers and colored them in. One brick red stroke down the middle, 2 gray strokes on either side and then 2 more red strokes. Colored in the edges with pink. 

Might put that coat back on today. Just the thing to wear with my snowboots and go slog through the 20" snowdrifts. I'll be right in style.

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