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One of the things I've been busy with is sorting the zillions of photos I've hoarded in my system. I switched to a Mac and can't figure out how to organize anymore. For years, I relied on the folder thumbnails in the PC to help with the visual prompt and the date did the rest. I know that iPhoto does that too, but I'm reluctant to commit to that method. Still thinking. 

But I'm also seeing tons of things I had forgotten about.

Like this project rediscovered. First, when I found the real thing in my mom's closet after she moved here. I made it for her 20 years ago when she lived in CA. And now, the image. (I don't think I ever blogged about it though. Just threw it in the mountainous pile of unsorted images....)

So. Here's the story + quick how-to. In the early 90's I was painting furniture and other things, using my own stencils and freehand. I had a stack of natural canvas totes left over from something and started painting them too. For this bag, I remember that I cut up a manila folder with a craft knife to make several stencils to use building the image. Mixed some acrylic paints and cut up a new kitchen sponge to fill the stencil with the colors. (Now I would use a bunch of foam brushes or make-up sponges.) It's really easy and a canvas tote is a perfect surface for the process. Then I used a thick black permanent marker to put my mom's initials on it. I heat-set the paints with the iron. 

After all this time, it's been machine washed and still looks great. In fact, it's gone back to work as the Medical Records bag filled with all the stuff we take back and forth to the hospital, doctors, PT. We still love it.

This is the one I made for Mo, in preschool - in the days when we called her Maury, before she grew up to be Mo. The Mo who's graduating from college in a few months. 

I think that's part of the reason why I keep all this stuff. Yeah, I know it's hoarding. 

Comes naturally to moms. Not such a bad thing today.


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