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soho valentines

Looking at these over-sized yarn balls, I can't resist saying something about wrapping up .... the pieces of heart series .... the winter blahs ..... suburban seclusion .... snow shoveling ... scarf bundling. Ready to move on.

This window in Soho perfectly captures my sweet day yesterday. Erin and Mo were both here for meetings in the city. The week's weather buried all the original plans, but finally the sun came out, the blizzard moved out to sea, roads cleared, the trains and planes resumed their schedules. 

Friday morning: shuttled Erin to the commuter train to the city, got Grammy to PT, picked up Mo from the airport, dropped her at MSG, collected Erin at 28th/Madison ..... still only 11:30. The two of us headed south a few more blocks to snow-ho Soho.  

Farther in to a warming winter day with blinding sunshine, fun-house shadows and reflections. We garaged the car, hit the streets and just wandered along with everyone else so happy to be out.



Enjoyed catching up over dim sum.




Found her favorite chocolates. (And chocolate-covered tortilla chips to bring home!)


Watched the chic sidewalk scene from the chocolate bar. More catching up. 

12:18 to 2:12. Wrapping up just two little hours that felt like a full week at the beach. I thought of the days when she was a little girl, those spontaneous adventures, just the two of us. On the way back to the car, arm in arm, she said, Do you know that Lou Reed song about the perfect day? No, I don't think I do. Well, today is that song. Today was just like that!

Happy Valentine's Day! xoxo 


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