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I used to be a hooker.

Looked in the bin full of old wools set aside ages ago for rug hooking. I sent some to Mary recently and when I saw her beautiful pins I was inspired to hook again. It's how I got started in everything that came along after, craft-wise, but I haven't held the hook in a pretty long time. It's still so much fun and immediately the old thrill/obsession returned. Like riding a bike. On a long colorful trail.

First, a simple design.


Started as a doodle on the back of an envelope.

Rugsketch2sfw copy

Roughed onto a piece of big white paper. 

Rugoncanvassfw copy

Then drawn onto a length of burlap with a Sharpie.


Hook and wool in hand, the shapes fill in pretty fast. Isn't it cool how the wool patterns look when they are hooked? That brown, red, grey plaid came out just like bricks or wood. I use a hand-cut strip and wools from old clothes I have deconstructed and hot washed. And stashed away in some forgotten bin.

The reason I started hooking in the first place was because I loved the idea of using old clothes to make something new. That New England craft + make-do attitude. In that tradition, I had everything here when I started this- didn't even have to leave the house. 



Decided to add that little heart bloom on the flower stem as I filled the background. Then I pulled out the dark flower center and changed the color to something brighter, warmer. Exactly what we need for these February grey skies. 

Snow is on the way tonight. 

Should be lots of time to finish it tomorrow.

soho valentines

pieces of heart :: 21