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pieces of heart :: 21


Another little felt ornament, this time embroidered- perhaps Austrian as well. (edit- it's Hungarian. Thanks Ros and Noemi!) This one definitely reminds me of my mother's Christmas tree in the 60's.

It's really cold today. I'd hoped to get my mother out and maybe bring her over to our house. She is in PT 3 days a week now (I'm knitting lots!) and after a stunning adjustment/improvement to her shunt, we are working really hard on mobility and strengthening. I so want her to be able to climb our front steps and come over for dinner- without having to rent a special wheelchair.

Even with the sun out though, it is too cold for any of that. I'm going over to visit and think I'll take some embroidery. We can make a little stitched heart like this. She can tell me about her long-ago trips to Austria or Italy and I bet she even knows how I came to love little handmade hearts.

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