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pieces of heart :: revisited


A few Februarys ago, I did a series of posts I called Pieces of Heart. They were snapshots of sentimental hearts and found images mostly discovered around the house. It surprised me that there were so many. Once I started looking, they seemed to be everywhere.

This image is from our trip to Cartagena in March 07. The heart-shaped shards of coral were found in the sand on a small island we visited. I hate to think what made them break off. I collected these that day and laid them out onto a table in the sand. One of the local women left her beadwork under a tree and came over to see what I was up to. There was a moment when we both saw the same possibilities. Without a common language, we gestured and held them up like ornaments on an imagined necklace, admiring each other's choices. She walked away and returned to her work. I wondered if she would scavenge those pieces another day and make necklaces to sell to tourists like me.

I left some there and took some home. Looking at the photo now I can't help but also think of the women in Haiti. Rebecca's friends and countless others who have lost everything. What they would give for the income, peace and pleasure of craft.


Rebecca is launching an art auction for Haiti. It begins today and some of us are contributing to that as well as to the Etsy shop she opened for her Haitian community. Yesterday she put out a call for embroidery threads for her friend, Jeannine, whose work will be auctioned in the first round. Is that something you could do? Clean out or shop for Jeannine?

Check here for auction info.

Now I'm thinking about creating new Pieces of Heart posts again for this February. So many projects and plans. But first off, better get back to work on my auction piece. xoC

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