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Our friend Rebecca has kept our attention focused on the issues in Haiti for some time now. One summer day I posted about the food shortages there. I couldn't bear the idea of people eating dirt. Unimaginable. That day, it was the urgent thought here. I made a donation.

Then I got busy with some other things. The urgency subsided.

Last week, I had just written to Rebecca after her safe return from Haiti. She spent 10 days there working directly with a community of women, her luggage full of sewing supplies. That's part of her gift- nurturing, sharing her own talent and serenity through needlework, grace and love. I'd been thinking about her so much, the wonder and worry about her mission. I let her know I wanted to help with her fundraising for the pre-earthquake needs there. The earthquake came hours later.

Please visit her newly opened Etsy shop, Haiti by Hand, where she is posting the inspired handwork of her new friends (and possibly some of her old art friends as well).

The urgency. It won't be forgotten when we are busy with other things.

Edit to add- Rebecca has just started a new blog, Haiti by Hand, to keep us posted on her efforts to assist and acquaint us with her Haitian friends.


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