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giddyup, santa


Maaaaaaajor snowstorm on its way and I've got to get my deer headed in the same direction. Christmas is right behind the blizzard and it looks like everything is going to be trickier to manage. But it will be so pretty outside, so cozy in here.

Mo is home! We're stocking up on sugar, flour and eggs. Going to be some serious cookie baking in here. We might get into the craft baskets. And maybe the recycling bin before it gets snowed on/in. Could always carve some potatoes and print our own giftwrap or stockings.

It reminds me of this day and makes me excited for a little Weather to keep us busy and close in here. (Her fire department is on holiday and storm alert though. We'll have to keep the car cleaned off for trips to the firehouse.)

The ornament giveaway goes to comment #2, Cindy! Many thanks for all your comments and I'm glad you are enjoying the pattern. Another easy snowstorm project right there.

Stay warm and cozy- and safe, my friends. xoC

giving joy