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silver bella mobile class


Before I get too far away from Silver Bella (the unpacking and putting away continues), a quick recap of the second day of teaching at SB - two sessions of the Mobile class. That lucky bit of scheduling worked out well because after the first day, the pace relaxes a bit and it's good to have a class or two that doesn't challenge every part of the brain so much. I wondered out loud which was harder- teaching all day or learning new things all day. Hard to say, really. This class was the kind where folks get to work and play with the materials they are familiar with, decorate with trims and bits and enjoy the community of crafting. Lots of swapping, sharing, chatting, laughing, a gentle hum of busy-ness and delight. A different kind of thrill than the hat class. It's a nice balance.


Everyone brought fabulous materials and extras. Yum!


I always love seeing the personal touches that change the project - in any class.


Some of this, more of that.


O, look- burlap trees! Love those!


It's just plain fun. Who doesn't love a twirly ring of sparkly, pretty fantasy cottages and trees?

I'll be posting a few kits on Etsy early next week.

that's john paul!

silver bella hat class