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Finishing up the last of my houses to take to Silver Bella in a few days. And wrapping up some designs for new classes TBA. They have helped to fill the gaps of time here.


Thank heavens for needle and thread!

Another day recently spent at the ER with my mom, new rounds of physical therapy and doctors' visits, a wheelchair breakdown and tune-up, a restorative outing to the park on a rare warm and sunny autumn day. Stitching my way through it.

We've spent a lot of time looking at our front (and back) steps trying to figure out how to build a ramp that will get her up and inside for Thanksgiving. The steps are too many, the approach is too short. Anyone have any brilliant solutions to share?

And then, Mo's birthday was, of course, spent away at school. This year her sisters and James went out to visit and celebrate with her (cookies from home). They all said it was a wonderful weekend there and just as they worried I might dissolve into tears, I was reminded that she will be home for Thanksgiving. Just a few more weeks. To build a ramp, to hug that girl.

looking up and away

happy birthday, sweets!