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attn: silver bella hat class peeps


Just checking to be sure you all have your thrifted, wool sweaters washed, felted and ready to go for class next week. We're going to have some kind of fun cutting and sharing.

Thoughts and tips:

  • If it has a hole in it, mend that before you felt or plan to cover it later with a patch or design. The hole grows in the felting.
  • Mix and match colors and patterns. If you are still hunting, check the men's and children's racks at the Goodwill or Salvation Army.
  • If it has a little acrylic in it, that's okay, it will be fine and still felt. Felting is an experiment - even for those of us who do it all the time. The best part is the surprise.
  • If it's felted enough out of the wash, just air dry to avoid too much felting occurring in the dryer.
  • Flush the washer with an empty cycle to clear the pipes of lint and check that dryer trap frequently as you dry. 
  • Bring some buttons and yarn for decorating. And your camera .... expecting some creatively fantastic results!


hats, hats, hats

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