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A few weeks ago I was fooling around with the stack of doilies I have. And I had some vintage silk yardage that I wanted to test wash to see what would happen to it. The strip I cut across the width of the yardage ended up to be just the size of a scarf and was so soft and relaxed after washing.

Somehow I got the two things together with this nifty brainstormed concept....doilie + silk strip = a cool necktie scarf! One end of the scarf slips through the doilie open at top and bottom, stitched on the scarf sides only. So you don't have to knot it, just push the long end through the open doilie. I added some extra tatted trim to the scarf ends and was really delighted with the simplicity of it. Old things recycled- and so perfectly repurposed. My new favorite accessory.

Soon after, I wore it to the Union Square Farmer's Market in the city with Suzanne and our friend, Heidi. One of the hip, twenty-something flower sellers asked me about it and I was so flattered. Kind of made my day.

So, if you like it too, just sign in here with a comment and you might be the one to win it- or one just like it. I made a few more. 

This is the promised 600th post giveaway (drawing on Friday). Because I couldn't have gotten this far without you!  Thanks again for coming by here. xoC

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too sweet, so cool