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monkey time


I had an email this morning from Marjorie announcing the Craft Hope monkey delivery!

Yay! I'm so happy I pitched in for this helping hands project for the Preschool Burn Camp. Got my monkey socks mail ordered here and had several fun hours making them into these lil guys. The one on the right I made for the Craft Hope project and the one on the left for Maggie's friend, Bridget's new baby. (The socks come two pair to a pack.) Looking at all the cuties in the site gallery, I see that there are lots of darling socks-to-monkeys out there. And so many generous, clever makers. Feels so good to be a part of that big love.

At our house, we're partial to this traditional style, in honor of our ancient sock monkey, JoJo, arguably the most revered toy in the family. Once you start stitching one of these guys, it's easy to fall in love. Sweet to think of the children receiving them feeling the same way.

Keep an eye out on the Craft Hope site for the next project. Kind of can't-wait for a new assignment!


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