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Playing house over here and trying to limit my time at the computer. Thread and needles are better tools for my hands than the keyboard.

I need to let you know why I have not been responding to comments. Of course, I never was very good at it, mostly because I sew faster than I type. Apparently, I missed that keyboard class at school- if they even offered it. I took Home Ec instead and still after all these years, have to watch my fingers. The whole time. Two of them and two thumbs. And then, there is the editing. A simple blog post like this one can take me two hours.

Suddenly, without warning, Typepad has gone and fooled with the way the comments work in response as auto-threaded or private replies. They believe it's an improvement to their service. Not me. Suffice it to say that I am pretty unhappy with their out-of-the-blue changes and let them know that. Ginevra (such a beautiful name and lovely, calming customer-care rep) has assured me more than once that they are still working on this. (Clicking the email address in the body of the comment email still does not function as they say it does.) But it is getting to be a long time waiting. Almost a month.

In the meantime, know that, as always, I do read each comment, appreciate it so very much and always intend to respond, but sometimes never manage that after all. My apologies. I know you too take a lot of precious time to write.

So, here's hoping that Typepad gets their site changes fixed and that the private commenting returns to the original option. Then I can go back to my former efforts, lousy and spotty as they were.

Until then, I'll just be in the other room. Sewing.

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