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last look


I'm guessing you have heard enough of the wedding by now. The thing is that it completely filled our summer (actually, the year) and then just kind of streaked by in a quick flash. I know I need to move on. More than once, I said this experience was like childbirth. The emotions and all that comes with both events are eerily similar. I do wish there was a baby here.

The morning after the wedding, we hosted a farewell breakfast at the tent. The day was beautiful and crisp like a late summer morning often is on the Hudson. We were all relaxed and certainly a little tired, but there was still precious time to visit and plenty of clean-up to do. Again the many hands make light work knitted us back together once more. Lots of the flowers and vases went to those heading off in cars. Most guests were from out of town or country and traveling by air, so that didn't get us very far. We took the rest over to the nursing home where Mom had stayed just recently. That felt good.

Late in the day there was a little more rain. I think nearly every day this summer, we had that. The newlyweds needed to head home for their honeymoon flight so we all went outside to send them off. And there was this spectacular rainbow. Right over the house.

I felt like my dad was there after all. 

Probably a little bit tired from dancing too.


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