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the wedding, part two


This post should be called "What WAS she thinking?!" The day of the wedding we still had so much to do. In spite of all that thoughtful organized prep, it was a wild day. My unbelievable, tireless and cheerful friends and family were all on hand at 9:00 a.m. (after that delightfully late night at Suzanne's!) to help with the set-up.

We filled 3 cars with flowers to take down to the tent.



1000 stems. None of them arranged yet.


Bubbles, flip flops and lanterns.




Cupcake stand decoupaged with vintage sheet music. Mozart as I recall.


Cool and kind of creepy pinatas ... filled with candy.


Table numbers, escort cards, placecards.


Runners, candles, table props.


To the tent on the river .... in the sunshine and 1000% hurricane humidity.


I tried to get myself settled- a bit freaked out seeing what still had to be done in just a few hours. I passed out a dozen pair of clippers, explained my plan and we started arranging flowers in those 187 mixy-matchy vases. Anne thought the flower buckets seemed to be out of the Sorcerer's Apprentice. Pull one flower, 30 appear in its place.


Looks like they are having fun. Sheesh, they said they did. I hope they did. It was a lot of work- not allowing for the hurricane that blew in at 1:00 pm and poured like a monsoon for 2 hours, completely flooding the parking lot, i.e. the tent floor. (Emergency sandbags had to be delivered.) All these volunteers took up the brooms and squeegees to fight the water.


It finally stopped.

They set up the tables, arranged the vases, hung the lanterns and the way-finding signs, chased the water one more time, rushed back to the hotel, cleaned up, put on their wedding clothes and returned ....


....with beaming, excited smiles and all the love in the world for the bride and groom and their families.

Lovelier than roses. Each one of them.  A million times more. xoxoxo

the wedding!

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