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photo from the Rockefeller Center Anthropologie store gallery, collage from South Africa

When I wrote Mothers and Daughters at Home, some readers wondered why I didn't include sons in the title. Well, I have three daughters, sadly no sons, and the book was about my creative life at home with them, the projects we made together, those I made especially for them. It was our story.

That's one reason why I love Amanda's new book, Handmade Home. It's more of her story, one that I enjoy so much through her blog. Her home is handmade, her children (sons and a daughter) are crafty and resourceful in the Yankee tradition of their parents and the book is full of simple, updated projects that demonstrate that in an honest, charming way. In a welcoming voice, Amanda shares the projects she has created for her home and family. You will be inspired. Not to run out and buy, but rather to look around you and see what is there now. Every project begins with a guide to using what you might already have. Look in the cupboard or even wait until you stumble upon something similar.

A girl after my own heart.

My very first book proposal in the mid 80's, long before I started writing books with Mary and Barbara, was titled Use It Up, Wear it Out, Make it Do or Do Without. It didn't find a home (surely the length of the title kept it in the slush pile), but I do believe that the idea has finally found its time. New Englanders have that proverb right.

Get started here, make something and use it up. Surely, the make-it-do is the best part. Invite your children in, and happily discover that there is no need to do without.

***** The publisher is offering a signed copy of Handmade Home for one of you. Please leave a comment on this post to enter. The winner will be announced on August 24th.

***** edit: Thanks so much, everyone. The random number generator chose Brenda as the winner!

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