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stitched in


Something about these little sewing projects for Erin's wedding takes me right back to the very beginning. 1978. My firstborn, my first, forever moments of blissful mothering. Her nursery was lovingly stitched and handmade throughout with quilts, bumpers, a trapunto collage, calico butterfly mobile, changing table cover, rocking chair cushions, bench cover for the toy chest. Even a soft lamb toy that I sewed at my desk while my students took their standardized tests. The hours spent making all those things for her arrival were as important for my childbirth preparations as any books about babies.


Sewing literally stitches me into things.


I'm stitched into her wedding now. 

The ringbearer pillow did it. Maybe it was the size of it or the ceremonial significance, but as soon as I finished it up, I took a long walk through those delightful years. Our wondrous adventure, small pieces of the heart sewn together bit by bit. One to the other, those to the rest.

I'm ready.

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