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summer parade


Finally got my mom to a parade that Mo was marching in. She wasn't back from Australia yet for most of the early summer parades, but this was a competition parade in Ossining. A beautiful summer night in another historic river town. Mom in another spiffy hat.


I used the movie mode on my camera when Mo's department came by. Nearly dark by then, the quality is pretty bad especially since I was calling her name, waving and trying to film at the same time. At least I managed to let Mo know where we were so she could march on the left side, our side. Grammy saw her favorite firefighter in step and even glimpsed her subtle wave and big smile. (The judges were nearby and they aren't supposed to wave back.)

For those of you wondering and kindly emailing for updates, my mom is doing so much better. Happy to be back in her own place with a fabulous caregiver, she is making amazing progress. She and I are so grateful for all the good thoughts you sent her way.


The rehab center sent her home with a canvas tote that velcro's onto a walker or wheelchair. It's a nifty thing to have for newspapers, reading glasses and all kinds of little stuff. Unfortunately, it had a big silkscreened message on it about nursing homes that was kind of depressing. I took it home one night and got out the paints.


And the sewing machine.


Coming and going, she looks much more stylin' now. Gotta make the best of things whenever - and however- we can.

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