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Making good progress on my wedding to-do list. I want to be the most relaxed Mother of the Bride ever and enjoy all the moments ahead. It's a celebration- and it will be more so if we are relaxed and happy.

Last weekend Maggie and Mo gave a bachelorette party for Erin. We all met for dinner in the east village  and then embarked on a pub crawl pre-mapped within the blocks nearby. In advance, we paired up and chose a neighborhood bar that held some clue Erin had to use to identify the chooser. Mine was Kabin because we used to go to my dad's farm and cabin on weekends, a place we all cherished. (And yes, Maggie chose it for me - and scheduled it first-  because I've never been to any of these bars.) But once they got into the Big Buck Hunter game, the guessing strayed off target.


My girls can shoot. Thanks to Grampa, Dad ... and Wii.



Too many possibilities for that first bar and Erin didn't guess it was mine. Consequences. She received a penalty card from Maggie's deck: "Get some marriage advice written on a cocktail napkin from someone at the bar." (The first card was actually "Balance a bar tray on your head and walk across the room." But they didn't have any trays. Pick again.)


This guy advised "Sweat the small stuff." Convinced that the little things matter more than we say they do, maybe he should have stuck with the advice of his shirt.


Earlier in the day, Maggie asked me to make Jukebox Bingo cards for the crawl. (I was so proud of those diamond rings I made with the drawing tool!) We filled in the extra boxes with songs we thought we might hear. Between fumbling with my reading glasses, trying to hear the music through the crowd noise, and writing in the dark, it was a challenge. Needless to say, my card was pretty much wide open when Connie (Erin's godmother) and I dropped out leaving the young and restless to carry on without us. The Thirsty Scholar was our last stop (she got that one right- and all others after). All home safely in the end, ten delightful women from different parts of Erin's Chicago-NY-Boston life will be looking forward to seeing each other again at the wedding.

Circling back to those peaches. We're loading up at the farmer's market. Might use some to make this today if I can.

Congratulations to Lauren and Eli, getting married this evening out west! We love you and so wish we were there.

And happy, happy birthday, Debbie!

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