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meet ME (and me) in st. louis


Got the go-ahead today to tell you at last that Mary Engelbreit, Barbara Martin and the Home Companion are hosting a spring weekend workshop in St. Louis. I'll be there teaching two classes- this fantabulous Cuckoo Clock class and another one too (details on all that later).

Besides the wonderful opportunity to work with my friends again, I'm so excited that the event will take place in my old neighborhood,

in the vintage luxury hotel overlooking Forest Park in the Central West End,

across the street from my dear friend Nicki's home,

a block from Mary's studio (which will be open for student tours),

2 blocks from our old house,

the same neighborhood where Mary, Barbara, Nicki and I became friends in the 70's.


Okay, back to the event itself. Classes with some of your favorite designers and artists, seminars from arts professionals, ME studio tours, the coolest neighborhood hotel (with a movie theatre inside), best restaurants, historic architecture, cafes and shops. More information in blogland here and there from now until September 1st when registration begins.

Save the date. April 29- May 2, 2010. You will want to be there too. I'm just sure of it!


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