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pink sticker days and blogs


Late last night I figured out that we need something like 168 thrifted or recycled containers for flowers for the reception tables. Way more than the number of guests and most will be little single stem bottles, glasses, dishes. Limonata bottles are just the right size once I get the label off.

Today I had an hour at the Salvation Army where it was half-off pink stickers. I scoured the long shelves for the right ones- height, size of opening, interesting shape. And they just appear. It was so much fun to find them, hiding behind beer mugs, inside pots and pans, over here, near that, under this.

By now, I know a good one when I see it.

Washed and hand-dried at home, everything sparkles and suddenly belongs together in a surprisingly eclectic mix that just works. Each one different, but lovelier when combined. Drink bottles next to cut glass compotes. How pretty!


It's like blogging.

(I'm trying so hard to segue there. Stay with me.....)

Take your dusty day off the shelf, find the joy (or any other worthy element), clean it up, place it near a picture that sparkles and tell the story.

Kari is having a blog book party today to celebrate the new book, Blogging for Bliss. I stumbled upon a copy at the bookstore the other day and turned right to my house wren studio interview page. Seriously, the book opened right there! Lots of my favorite blogging friends are in there too, generously offering their experience and wisdom as guidelines for those wishing to begin or perhaps curious about the back story of blogs and their authors. 

After 3 years of sharing the daily dust and sparkle here, I still enjoy welcoming you into my cozy internet home. Thanks so much for stopping by.

After the wedding, come back and help yourself to a vase or two. xoC

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