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an instinct for domesticity


While thrifting for table vases, I found this copy of Happy Living! A Guidebook for Brides. Sat down to see what it advised. The introduction says, "While you may be dismayed by the stores of knowledge you have yet to acquire about homemaking, remember that as a woman, you are endowed with an instinct for domesticity."

I went right to the photos and illustrations. (Click to enlarge.)


Things have changed since 1965.


Like polishing silver, pewter, copper, and something called chromium.


Fortunately, food styling and menu selections have changed too.

Pity the brides in the 60's who were instructed here to make this entree in the "Cooking for Two" chapter. Creamed Eggs in a Corned Beef Crust should not have made the cut for one of only eight color photos. The author actually captioned it as, "This appetizing dish...."

I'd rather eat those potted bulbs. No wonder cocktails became so popular. You'd need 2 or 3 drinks before sitting down to that.


But wait! There's always Seafood Loaf for "Entertaining"!

Get comfy in the living room. Have another Whisky Sour. Dinner's almost ready.


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