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when the bride comes to town


Erin has been making regular weekend visits home to work on the plans for their August wedding. When she takes that notebook out, we all pay attention. There is a big agenda neatly tucked inside and she has worked so hard to whittle it down to keep us (i.e. her mother) from freaking out.

On the very first day of planning, she leaned across the table and whispered to me, Don't worry, Mom, I won't make you handle any logistics. And she has been true to her word. She has encouraged me to daydream out loud about decorations, colors, creative stuff.

Now it's time to take all those random ideas and Finalize. Which pretty much sounds like Logistics to me.


Weeks ago, we stopped at the nursery to think about tables and flowers. Options #229, 230, 231, 232.




Not quite the Finals, but probably the primer for this one.


Logistics even I can handle. Check that item off the list right now.


felt cottages from class