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she's home


Woo-hoo, she's home! JFK 1:00 am.

I was painting up these signs yesterday afternoon and asked Andy what his should say. Going through the day's mail and bills, he wisecracked, Party's Over! and chuckled. (The other parents with empty pockets at the airport liked that one too.)

We're so glad to have her back!


Pretty sure she's happy to be home too- off the planes, in her own bed. Just the best feeling all around.

1hug27 Today we're going over to see Grammy and making Aussie sugar cookies with the Kangaroo cutter that Erin ordered online. Lots and lots of catching up and stories to share.1hug37

O, no, Pops- it's just beginning! 

Happy 4th, everyone!

felt cottages from class

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