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needlebook kits


Someone gave me the business for having an empty Etsy shop. She reminded me that I already made these needlebook kits and need to get them posted.


Let's see. Emails to answer, 2 deadlines to meet, Portland class photos to post, Momo coming home from Australia tomorrow (!!!!), Mom out of rehab and re-situated in her apartment with a new caregiver today (!!!!), a bride-to-be and her fiancee coming for the weekend, a belated Father's Day to celebrate ..... and yes, a few kits to post!

The Taskmaster also was the dear one who came over after work and cleaned house for us (including kitchen cupboards) while I was away in Portland. I have apparently buried that on the list of to-do's.


And I love her for keeping me on top of what matters. Because it's all important- not equally perhaps, but sitting in a big comfy chair and being able to create a softly felted needlebook in the shape of a butterfly made me happy one day. So I'm sharing that with you now.

Winged escapes available here.


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