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Last week I was invited to celebrate a girlfriend's big birthday. The hostess thought a gift card to the birthday girl's favorite store would be the best gift and we all pitched in toward that. That's a super small envelope so I offered to transform an old pocketbook into a bigger gift wrap presentation. So happy to have a crafty project on my to-do list, I was transported by the challenge and the art therapy.


Here's how:

  • Find an old vinyl pocketbook at a tag sale or thrift shop. Look for one that has hard, smooth sides, a decent interior and a solid clip and handle. Clean it with a damp cloth.
  • Paint the sides with a color you like. Acrylic paints are fine and streaky is okay. Try to avoid the metal accents, awkward spots and handles.
  • Decoupage the front with whatever you choose- old wallpaper, copied photos, cut outs. Mod Podge or gel medium work well.
  • Repeat for the back using a paper punch to pop out jumbo polka dots from old book pages. Punch from the margins so that contributors can sign the polka dots with their name, initial or note.
  • Seal painted decoupaged areas with a last coat of Mod Podge or gel medium.
  • Glue ribbon or trim across the top edges. Tie on a millinery spray and a gift tag.



This would be a cute group gift for a graduation, a bridal shower or any situation where gift cards, cash or checks are involved. Pass the purse with a Sharpie, contribute, sign your name in one of the dots and hand it off. Nice keepsake too.


Thanks for staying with me here, my friends. I told you I'd come back sooner or later with crafts. This is a fun one! xoC

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