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Saturday was the day that the boats sailed up the Hudson in celebration of Henry Hudson's discovery 400 years ago. It was spectacular- a crisp summer afternoon and a stunning show of vessels and sails.





We were guests onboard a friend's boat. Quite something to see. You can't help but wonder what the English and Dutch thought as they headed north so long ago- on the river that the Native Americans called the river that flows both ways. (It does- currents go in both directions simultaneously.) A replica of the Half Moon was there too, but was too far away to catch with the camera.


This is our town from the water view. The building on the left was built by my husband, Andy. It's why we moved here and I am so proud of everything he has accomplished here in our village-  most of all that. It was designed to fit the style of the other factory buildings on the site (which he renovated too), the former Lord and Burnham Company, the preeminent builders of greenhouses and conservatories. It's a green building with geothermal heating and cooling, one of the first in Westchester.

Erin and John Paul will be married here this summer!

goodwill hunting