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the plant thief


Thanks to everyone for the good thoughts. I so appreciate each and every bit of comfort. We're hanging in there. Just have to see the brighter, lighter side of this and hope for better days. Lots of summery sunshine helps for sure.

This image has been waiting in my postcard file and today it gets a turn. I'm thinking about getting a bicycle lock for Grammy's pushchair, our most precious accessory of late. I guard that thing like a vintage Corvette. Of all things, why worry about that? Well, who steals plants from the Botanical Garden? Apparently someone who has done so enough times that the organization has to go out and have a plaque made to deter the Plant Thief from swiping plants from the greenhouse!

I can't even decide what else to say about that.

Still thinking.

saturday sitting on the balcony

ruffled petals